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Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to study abroad, you must be an enrolled UAB student; be 19 years of age or older (or have parental permission); and be in good academic, disciplinary, and financial standing with UAB.

Some programs have additional eligibility requirements, such as minimum GPA requirements. The eligibility of each program is listed on the individual program pages. The minimum GPA ranges from 2.5 to 3.0. Some programs will make exceptions for students who do not meet that minimum GPA requirements. 

Class Standing

You're eligible to study abroad as a freshman on select faculty-led programs. Click the individual faculty-led program pages for details.

You're eligible to study abroad as a sophomore or above (30 semester credit hours completed with at least 15 at UAB) on just about any of our programs.

The best time to go abroad is during your sophomore or junior year. The earlier in your undergraduate career you study abroad, the easier it will be to find courses to fulfill your degree requirements.