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About Your Peer Ambassadors


Vivian posing on boulders
Vivian Garcia Is a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Business Administration. In the spring of 2023, she studied abroad in Turin, Italy with the USAC program which allowed her to work on classes that helped her business minor. During the five months abroad, she got to eat amazing food, make wonderful new friends, and explore most of Italy!
Vivian’s adventures spirit has led her to see many new countries like Spain, Belgium, Sweden, and France. She is already planning a trip back to Italy to visit the friends she made in her classes abroad and hopes to visit even more countries while there! In Italy she was able to travel through most of the country and saw all the big cities like Rome, Venus, and Milan. She was even able to see her sister get married on a beautiful island off the coast of Sicily.
Vivian loves exploring new places and making new friends! In her off time, you can find her trying a new art median, playing video games, or hammocking on the green!


Abigayle on bridge 

Abigayle Brannon is a senior entering her fourth semester at the School of Nursing, planning to graduate in the Spring of 2024. She studied International Relations and Korean Language at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea through their 2022 Yonsei International Summer School program. During her time in South Korea, she made friends from all over the world, visited the Demilitarized Zone, and fell in love with Korean food! 

Abigayle loves reading fantasy and sci-fi novels, writing, and drawing in her time between class and clinicals. She is passionate about the importance of an international perspective in healthcare and plans to become a pediatric nurse upon graduation.

Scout in Greece

Scout Moellering is a junior majoring in Sociology, graduating spring 2025. Spring semester 2023 Scout studied abroad in Greece’s capital city of Athens with the help of the wonderful ISA program. She spent about 4 months living, learning, and loving Greek culture and traveling around Europe.

Scout got to explore the historic ruins of the Acropolis in downtown Athens as well as the beautiful islands of Santorini and Crete. She also traveled to Milan and Lake Como in Italy, and Dublin and Killarney in Ireland, while abroad. She loves experiencing new places and meeting new people and hopes to be able to travel more in the future.

In her down time Scout is always outside either hanging out with friends, reading, listening to music, or just enjoying the fresh air. While what she plans to do after graduation is still a mystery, she plans on either becoming a teacher, park ranger, or environmental policy maker.


Brooke smiling outside

Brooke Stoves is a senior here at UAB, majoring in English Literature. 

She is an avid traveler, having traveled extensively within the US. After several previous visits overseas to Haiti, she spent the spring semester of 2023 in Nottingham, England, studying at the University of Nottingham in the UK.
Her love for literature and travel was amplified during her studies and travels in the UK, and she frequently visited areas such as London, Grimsby and Birmingham (UK, that is.) In the future, she hopes to return to the UK, in addition to traveling across Europe and Asia.
When she isn't reading, Brooke enjoys crafting, Bossa Nova music from Brazil, and art in various forms. She is looking forward to pursuing further education at UAB after graduation. 

Paige on bridge

Paige Bowden is a junior majoring in Biology with a minor in Forensic Psychology. In
the Spring 2023 semester, Paige was able to study abroad in Aberystwyth, Wales as a part of the
UAB in Wales program. While she was in Wales, she was able to travel though the many
different places in the United Kingdom including Dublin, Cardiff, and Edinburgh. Paige has been
to many different countries: Bermuda, France, Mexico, and Jamaica. She loves to plan trips, go
to museums, and hopes to travel to Italy next!
When she isn’t busy with classes, she enjoys doing puzzles, playing games, and trying
different sweets! After graduation, Paige plans to attend graduate school for a master’s degree in
Forensic Science.


Hailey smiling on pink wall

Hailey Mao is a senior majoring in Neuroscience who will be graduating in May of 2024. In the spring semester of 2023, she studied the Korean language through USAC's Seoul program in South Korea. She spent four months in South Korea's largest city learning Korean, exploring new food cuisines, and conquering the public transportation system. 
In South Korea, she was able to partake in activities such as eating ramen by the Han River, visiting palaces in traditional hanbok, and shopping in underground subway stations. She was also able to travel to Busan, Jeju Island, the Philippines, Japan, and China. 
In her free time, she enjoys reading mystery novels, watching horror movies, and searching for the best taco truck. After graduation, she plans to attend UAB School of Dentistry.

Tatyana posing on rock beach

Tatyana Mompoint is a junior majoring in Immunology and minoring in chemistry and anthropology. She spent the spring 2023 semester at Aberystwyth University as a part of the UAB in Wales program. Her favorite part of her semester abroad was making new friends from all corners of the world! While in the UK, she visited various cities including London and went to a concert in Birmingham. She hopes to do another term abroad in Europe and visit more unique places! 

Tatyana loves to spend time with her family, cook, and listen to music. Her favorite type of food is seafood, and she is always looking for new dishes to create. After she graduates in 2025, she plans to pursue a master’s in public health followed by a PhD to start a career in scientific research.

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