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Financial Aid

Financial Aid and Studying Abroad

Most financial aid can be applied to study abroad. You must be enrolled as a full-time student the semester you study abroad.  Contact UAB Financial Aid for details on your particular financial aid package. 

You will need to complete a consortium agreement in order to receive your financial aid and scholarships to use for your study abroad program. The consortium agreement can be found on your UAB application.

If you are receiving a UAB academic scholarship, you must also submit a scholarship appeal form to the Office of Undergraduate Scholarships prior to the start date for your program. The appeal form allows you to request an exception to the renewal requirements for your award. If the form is not submitted, your scholarship may not disburse during your program (fall and spring only). It may also result in the probation or cancellation of your award. To obtain a scholarship appeal form, please contact the Scholarships Office at  
Your scholarships and financial aid will be applied directly to your UAB student account and then refunded to you. It is important to set up direct deposit through BlazerNET to ensure your funds arrive to your bank quickly. Your funds will be released after your consortium agreement is completed and on the first date of your program. UAB/USAC, UAB/ISA and UAB/CISabroad programs all allow payment deferment for fees covered by financial aid and scholarships.

Financial Aid With Special Requirements

  • Alabama PACT or GI dependent scholarship have additional requirements. Please contact the Office of Education Abroad Advisor if you receive these scholarships.
  • If you're receiving the UAB Educational Assistance for UAB Employees and Their Families, you can apply that scholarship to tuition for UAB Exchanges and UAB Faculty-led Programs.