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You searched for courses(active) applicable to the program, USAC England: Brighton - Undergraduate Courses.
Code Title Hours Subject . Approved By
INTL - KV515
2.50 ITS-International Studies    Deborah Littleton 
INTL - SS516
2.50 PSC-Political Science    Brandi Griffice 
INTL - MK342
2.50     Brandi Griffice 
INTL - LZ401
5.00 DCS-Digital Community Stud    Brandi Griffice 
INTL - LM319
5.00 MK-Marketing    Dr. Mike Wittmann 
INTL - LM118
5.00 CMST-Communication Studies    Brandi Griffice 
INTL - SS421
2.50 PSC-Political Science    Brandi Griffice 
INTL - LM172
5.00     Brandi Griffice 
INTL - FR 425
5.00 FR-French    J. Arribas